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A Message from DNP Art Communications to Customers Who Downloaded the Shueitai iOS Application, 100th Anniversary of the Creation of the Typeface, from the APPStore on March 31 (JST)
You may be entitled to a refund.

DNP Art Communications Co., Ltd. (DNP Art Communications) offered free downloads of its Shueitai iOS application, 100th Anniversary of the Creation of the Typeface, in the period between February 28 and March 31, 2014. It has been brought to the attention of the company, however, that due to a flaw in the system setting, some customers that downloaded the application on the final day of the free campaign - March 31 - may have been inadvertently billed for doing so.
DNP Art Communications acknowledges this flaw, apologizes for any inconvenience caused to customers, and will refund the 600 yen application download costs inadvertently billed to their accounts.
To enable DNP Art Communications to execute the necessary refunds, the company would be grateful if the affected customers could follow the following URL to the inquiry form, and provide the requisite information.

Please go to https://www.enq-plus.com/enq/dnpartcom/inquiry/
How to Fill in the Inquiry Form
Go to “Inquiry Category” and select “Others.” Please fill in all required fields (those marked with *). Please write “Shueitai Application” in the column marked “Purpose of Use,” and “Refund Claim,” in the column marked “Inquiry Contents.” Once the form has been completed, please forward it to DNP Art Communications. The company will contact applicants with details of the refund method.
Corresponding Application Contents
Chapter 2, Shuei Sho-go Mincho / 第二章 秀英初号明朝, Chapter 3, Shuei KakuGo, and Shuei MaruGo / 第三章 秀英角ゴシック 秀英丸ゴシック,and 100 years of Shueitai/秀英体の一〇〇年
The application contents were displayed on the red ribbon on the top page as “Charged at 600 yen from the second chapter onwards. Please purchase here, / 第二章からは600円です。こちらからご購入できます” with a link to the Apple purchasing procedure screen.
No charges would have been incurred if the application was merely installed from the AppStore.