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Privacy Policy

Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

DNP Art Communications Co., Ltd. (referred to as, the Company) shall handle personal information received from customers in line with inquiries in the following manner:

1. Personal information provided by the customer
Customers shall provide the following information when making inquiries;
  • Full name
  • Mail address
  • Telephone number
2. Purpose of data collection
The Company shall use personal information provided by customers only for purposes of replying to inquiries.
3. Provision of personal information to third parties
Personal information received from customers shall not be provided to third parties. In instances where it is necessary to provide such information to third parties, the Company shall notify customers and obtain their approval.
4. Retention period for personal information
The Company will hold information received from customers for a period of 3-months from the date received.
5. Personal information safety control measures
The Company shall utilize various security techniques and processes to protect customer personal information from unauthorized access or leaks.
6. Inquiry contact
Please use this form to contact the Company regarding notification of usage purposes related to personal information, personal information disclosure, amendments, demands to cease usage, and inquiries related to "Regarding the Handling of Personal Information.”
7. Updates and alterations to "Regarding the Handling of Personal Information”
The Company may, for operational reasons, revise "Regarding the Handling of Personal Information.” Such instances will be publicly announced on the site.

Personal Information Manager

The General Manager of Information Security Office of DNP Art Communications Co., Ltd.

The Company Personal Information Protection Policy can be viewed here.